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Due to the pandemic in 2020, some of Schumacher Automotive employees’ jobs were furloughed. Amanda Schumacher, VP of Schumacher Automotive wanted to help those affected and opened up a location in the Tree of Life Plaza to provide food to those employees and their families. As the pandemic continued, she realized it was a community-wide issue and opened it up to anyone needing assistance. The Tree of Life Resource Center also has a monthly food distribution where 550 families are served proteins, dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables through their partnership with Farm Share.

The Tree of Life Resource Center has since grown into a 5,000 sf. Warehouse and office space where it serves all the needs of the human heart through community partnerships and personal contributions.

Founded by local philanthropist and President of the Tree of Life Foundation International, Amanda Schumacher, the Tree of Life Resource Center, is located in Central Palm Beach County, offering food assistance, clothing, medical, education and other necessary resources to assist individuals and families in need.

By partnering with other local companies and organizations, we are able to serve the greater need.

Since 2006, the Tree of Life Foundation International has been proactive in raising awareness both locally and internationally. 100% of all donations go back to the organizations in our community that are supported by it’s twenty-two branches.

Since May 2020, The Tree of Life Resource Center has distributed over 500,000 lbs. of resources to local families

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